For the last 2 years we have celebrated Grandparents Day Of Prayer in our worship service. Last year I spoke (briefly) about the importance of a grandparent's spiritual legacy and followed it with a unison intentional prayer. It was neat to have to pause until everyone had finished naming his or her grandchildren and then continue on with the prayer. I am grateful to Christian Grandparenting Network for the resources supplied to make this ministry possible. Thank you, Lord for connecting us.

Pat Whisler, Elwood City, PA

Last year to celebrate Grandparents Day of Prayer in our church we distributed the "31 Scriptures to Pray" prayer card in the bulletin. As Minister to the Seniors I explained to the congregation about using the Scriptures to pray for our grandchildren. After the last service we had a pot luck and hymn sing with the high school youth group conducting the program. It was a great success, the last song "I fly away" brought the house down. It was a great time of inter-generational bonding.

Pastor Rich Sewell
Minister to Seniors
Lake City Community Church

Grandparents of every nationality, ethnicity and economy demonstrate their love for their grandchildren by showing everyone they meet a slew of photos, taking the kids out for ice cream, and buying them untold unnecessary presents. With one exception. Grandparents who know Christ also pray for their grandchildren.

Christian grandparents recognize National Grandparents Day as an opportunity to pray for (and we hope, with) their grandchildren. Mark your calendar. Set your minder on your smart phone. Invite others to pray on Grandparents' Day of Prayer.

Phil Miglioratti
Coordinator, and

Grandparent's Day is an amazing way to celebrate "GRAND parents"! In such a fast-paced culture, it is wonderful to have this day designated to honor and inspire grand parents. But more importantly, it is a holy calling to all grand parents everywhere to fall to their knees as strong prayer warriors on behalf of their loved ones. If we don't do this, then who will? Join many other grandparents around the world in a time of celebration and prayer.

Catherine Jacobs, Executive Director
Pass the Legacy Ministry

I like to say that God saved the best for last when He gave us grandchildren! I celebrate being Grammie to our eleven precious grandchildren by praying for them daily, so I was delighted to learn of the Grandparent's Day of Prayer. I've been surprised how many grandparents don't know there is a National Grandparents Day set aside to honor them. I use the Christian Grandparenting Network's resources to help grandparents bless their grandchildren by praying for them on this day--and hopefully every day. Our precious grandchildren are growing up in a secular world we could have never imagined. They desperately need our prayers. Won't you join grandparents across America in flooding the heavenlies with prayers.

Janet Thompson
Speaker and award-winning author of 17 books, including Woman to Woman Mentoring Resources and Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter. Visit Janet and

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